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How To Take Real Action

The game has its ups and downs, but you can never lose focus of your individual goals and you can’t let yourself be beat because of lack of effort.

                                                                                                                – Michael Jordan

Goals without a plan of action is just a dream. We’ve all had dreams. If you had a dream that you became a multi-millionaire serial entrepreneur who helps countless people, but you wake up and don’t do anything to make that dream become a reality, that dream will remain a dream. When you have a dream, wake up and make that dream come true. It’s possible, anything is possible.

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Working 9-5, While Achieving Goals

Wake up, get dressed, eat…Work! Work! Work!…Get home, eat, shower, sleep…

Wake up, get dressed, eat…Work! Work! Work!…Get home, eat, shower, sleep…

Wake up, get dressed, eat…Work! Work! Work!…Get home, eat, shower, sleep…

The cycle of daily life can be depressing sometimes. But having goals towards your dreams can make this cycle mean so much more. Sometimes we can head towards our dreams while we are at work. Find out how… Continue reading

Day _14 How to Inspire Yourself?

You can dream, without sleeping. How you may ask? It’s called thinking about and envisioning your desires. In my opinion, that’s all a dream is. Your brain is subconsciously thinking and painting pictures in your head while you sleep.

Why is this important? It’s important because you can create your own dream, passion, or vision while you are awake. Continue reading

Day 12_How to Celebrate Small Victories

You finally did it! You gained courage, conquered fear, took action and you won a small battle in the “big war” for reaching your goals. What do you do know? Celebrate that small victory, understand what worked, and move on to the next.
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Day Seven _ Staying on the Right Route to Your Dreams

We all make our own route to the goals that we want. But it helps to know what your next step is. The path to success has already been paved by someone before you, but each person is different and there is always an alternative route to reach the same destination. Use somebody else’s path as a guide to your own. You will reach there!

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Day Four _Hope For Your Future


If it weren’t for the bad, there would be no good. If you didn’t have bad luck, you wouldn’t know what good luck felt like. When bad things  are happening to you, just tell yourself that it’s only temporary, and it will soon pass. Because after every storm, the sun shines thereafter. The prescription for tears is to find some way to laugh at something or anything. Unhappiness is an opportunity to find out what makes you happy. No matter what your  financial, social, or lifestyle is, there is hope for your future. Continue reading

Small Step Goal Setting

Other than Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man, we all had to crawl before we walked. It started with small steps until we mastered walking. And those small steps turned into running, and the rest is history! We have to take this same approach when it comes to meeting our goals. As hard as it seems to start doing something/ anything, it’s almost as easy as deciding what to eat for dinner. Let’s talk about where you want to be, how to map out the route it takes to get there, and setting that first small goal to reach. Continue reading

Big Dreams Require Fearlessness

Being fearless does not mean that you are a robot and you have no fears. Everybody experiences fear, but few people understand how to overcome it. When you learn to control those feelings then you will be ready to live a fulfilling life.

Dream big, and don’t leave a single detail out. Write it down, stare at it, internalize it, and dream about it. Close your eyes and envision it. If you didn’t know, let me inform you that, it is possible. Continue reading