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Day Four _Hope For Your Future


If it weren’t for the bad, there would be no good. If you didn’t have bad luck, you wouldn’t know what good luck felt like. When bad things ¬†are happening to you, just tell yourself that it’s only temporary, and it will soon pass. Because after every storm, the sun shines thereafter. The prescription for tears is to find some way to laugh at something or anything. Unhappiness is an opportunity to find out what makes you happy. No matter what your ¬†financial, social, or lifestyle is, there is hope for your future. Continue reading

Day Three _ How to Stick to your Goals

I used to be a procrastinator, and sometimes I relapse. I used to not have any goals at all, but now I do. Denzel Washington said, “dreams without goals will remain dreams.” I’m sure that we all have dreams, but it’s the goals, and the actions we take, that starts the process of achieving those dreams. Sticking to your goals is very important to your happiness. Continue reading

Day Two_ Why did I Choose This Blog Title

What’s the meaning behind the title of my blog, Live Now or Forever Hold Your Peace? Well, besides the fact that I think it sounds cool, there is a meaning behind it. There’s a difference between being alive, and living life to the fullest. Which one are you doing and how can you change or improve on that?

Most people die at the age of 25, it just takes 60 years to bury them. – Les Brown

Live now!
I credit this quote as a piece of the puzzle for the title of this blog. I don’t want life to pass me by, as I reminisce about the days past when I was younger and happier. Why do we label the past as the good old days? Do we not have high hopes for the future? Forgive my optimism but I believe that the future is bright and will be full of good days. That’s why it’s important to live now, meaning do the things you are passionate about. Be with the people that make you happy. If you love your job continue to do that, but if you hate your job, find something on the side that you love doing. I love traveling, meeting new people, blogging, having fun, and finding new way to provide for my family.


Forever Hold Your Peace
At most weddings the priests asks, “If anyone objects to this marriage, let them speak now or forever hold their peace…”

This quote is the second part of the inspiration for my blog. My twist on it is that “If anyone objects to not living their life to the fullest, let them Live Now or Forever Hold Their Peace.” Simply put, if you continue to grow, evolve, and be creative in things that you are really passionate about, you are living. If this is something that you are not doing it’s important to remember, that it’s never too late to…

Live Now and Forever Hold Your Peace!

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Day One_Re-Entering the Blogging World

Hello Blog World,

I’ve been neglecting you for quite some time. The world has changed and so have I. I started this blog 2 years ago with the hope of inspiring, and motivating not only myself but whoever needed or cared for it. I hoped to help as many people as I possibly could through this blog. Although I’m proud of every post, overall, I feel like I have failed. Continue reading