If you are a wantrepreneur, entrepreneur, or a success in your own right, welcome! My goal is to get people inspired to take control of their lives by living it up to the fullest. It starts with mindset, then setting a clear goal and plan, and finally taking actionable steps towards that goal. If you succeed, great, but if you fail, then try again. 

There’s nothing new under the sun but in these posts I present a different and creative style to convey my message. Each post should leave you inspired to take action towards your goals. I’ll provide you with content and products (working on this) that will offer tremendous value. This blog started out of frustration from stagnation, and has become a source of inspiration to readers and myself.

I’ve studied numerous books on this subject and have been blogging for over two years now! I’ve also listened to several podcasts and audio-books pertaining to this subject as well. After a while there comes a point where you have to stop learning and start doing because that’s the best way to learn and actually move forward.

This blog is for people who can relate to what I’ve said so far. Maybe you’re thinking about starting a business or blog. Maybe you’ve already started and need motivation to continue. Maybe you’re already successful in this field and somehow stumbled onto this page. I welcome you to offer any advice you may have.

I work full-time so this blog is part-time. I work on content before and after work. I’ve always had a desire to go into business for myself. As time went on I focused on an online business. One of my favorite quotes is, “Help others achieve their goals, and you will achieve yours.”

I welcome you all and hope that we can help each other to achieve those goals that we all dream of.

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    1. Live Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

      Hi Lila thanks for asking. I always had an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. A couple of years ago I felt stagnant. There was also a mixture of frustration, and the desire to do something special not only for me but for my family, friends, and people all over. And one night I created this blog to start heading in that direction. Since then I’ve been reading, researching, and trying to start different things. Long story short, I’m here on a journey!


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