How To Defeat Your Worst Enemy

“You’re nothing, and not good enough to accomplish what you’re thinking of doing. Just play it safe and do what you’ve been doing. Nobody will like your new ideas or this change in behavior. Who do you think you are? Do you want people to laugh at you? Trust me, I know you, you wouldn’t like doing that” – You

Look into the mirror and look squarely into your eyes. Take a deep breath and say, “You will not defeat me”. You are your own worst enemy. There is nobody on this planet that you communicate with more than yourself. Don’t worry that doesn’t make you crazy, we all do it. But sometimes we put ourselves down and sometimes we sabotage our own chances at success. Try these few steps to keep your alter ego at bay. 

  1. Pros & Cons

    Write a list of the pros and cons of this idea that you are thinking of. More likely than not, the pros will outnumber the cons, and if that’s the case than take a shot at it. If you look at the cons and determine that you can life with them if they happen then take the risk.

  2. Say the Opposite

    Listen to yourself and all of the concerns that you may have and state out loud the opposite results of all the negatives. Sometimes we focus on what could go wrong when in reality those negative things probably won’t happen at all. Ex. Everything will go wrong –opposite – Everything will go right!

  3. Trust in Yourself

    Don’t believe the doubt that YOU put into your mind. Trust that you can make things happen. Trust that you are capable of great things and if things do go bad that YOU will figure things out. Sometimes the unexpected leads to great outcomes.

  4. Have Faith

    Although similar to trusting yourself, having faith means that you believe its your destiny to succeed at what you want. And having that faith will guide you through the storms or whatever darkness you find yourself in.

Try these tips to counter inner self who is more  of a security measure that is looking out for you. But it only knows what you tell it. Repeat to yourself the positive thoughts that you want floating around in your head. You decide what thoughts occupy your mind. Make those thought count.

Live Now or Forever Hold Your Peace!

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