Monthly Archives: August 2015

Small Step Goal Setting

Other than Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man, we all had to crawl before we walked. It started with small steps until we mastered walking. And those small steps turned into running, and the rest is history! We have to take this same approach when it comes to meeting our goals. As hard as it seems to start doing something/ anything, it’s almost as easy as deciding what to eat for dinner. Let’s talk about where you want to be, how to map out the route it takes to get there, and setting that first small goal to reach. Continue reading

Lets Change the World Together…And Have Fun Doing It!

If you read about people who’ve changed the world, you’ll learn that they really did it with the intention of helping people, not with the intention of making money. They identified a common problem people had, and found a solution. I read somewhere that “If you change yourself, you have already started to change the world” That is the goal that we should all strive for. Continue reading